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The focus is all too often on commercial businesses that produce scrap metal whilst smaller set-ups aren't given the opportunity to safely and reliably benefit from the materials that they produce. It was clear to us that something needed to change so that smaller businesses no longer needed to rely on scrap metal men or transport to discard their materials in a skip. 

Here at Clear My Scrap we do things differently than the masses, offering a convenient scrap metal disposal solution for small businesses to get rid of their waste efficiently with our commercial bin collection service in Altrincham. 

% of all Materials Recycled

Keep It Safe - Bin It

Health and safety has become a lot more rigid over the years, and insurance companies are carrying out more on-site inspections than ever in order to ascertain the safety of a working site. When smaller businesses are forced to stack their scrap metal in a corner for weeks on end, it can become a red flag during an evaluation as the materials are often noted as a trip hazard for employees. Clear My Scrap has the answer to this problem with our commercial  bin collection service for clients across Altrincham and Cheshire. Simply place any scrap metal that is produced on-site straight into our wheelie bins, where the materials will be protected from the elements and safely stored until collection. As opposed to skip hire, the scrap metal bins can be easily moved from one location to another - reducing the risk of hazards that may lead to a safety evaluation failure.

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Top Tip: Ensure whoever is removing your waste is lisenced and insured You are liable for any waste removed from your premises

Empty Yours Scrap At Any Time

Being flexible is a requirement when it comes to scrap metal production and collection on a smaller scale. Our commercial bin collection service is designed with smaller set-ups in mind, such as car garages, and can be tailored to the amount of scrap metal that is created on-site at any given time. This means that our specialised scrap metal bins can be emptied as per your schedule, whether that be once a week, once a fortnight or once a month, and you’ll be paid in full for the weight supplied upon collection every time.

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Clear My Scrap Van

Mobile Scales

Nobody likes to be kept waiting around which is why we have put together a fully-mobile non ferrous collection service. Using our mobile scales, we can weigh your brass, copper, lead, stainless steel and cables on-the-go and offer the very best prices immediately. In fact, this process is so efficient that you’ll even be offered an instant payment in return for our collection.

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