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Clear My Scrap recognizes that a lot of commercial businesses produce a vast amount of scrap metal as a by-product of their day-to-day operations, and taking it to the scrap yard can often be time-consuming. Our commercial scrap metal collection service caters to clients across Altrincham, Manchester and Warrington. We offer a personalised, immediate solution by disposing and selling your scrap metal appropriately, with one-off site clearances right through to regular collections.

% of all Materials Recycled

Keep It Caged

It’s simple. Our extensive fleet of trucks will be out on the road to collect scrap and unwanted metal in all its forms from a wide range of commercial clients across the North West. From industrial sites to offices and business premises, our scrap metal collection trucks are highly efficient and dependable, allowing you to pick and choose when we visit you as per your requirements. We’ll even buy large amounts on-site and issue a full metal waste collection note right there and then. Businesses in need of a reliable scrap metal partner have the opportunity to take out a contract with us in order to guarantee on-site safety and commercial scrap metal collection according to a pre-planned schedule.

Environment Agency Registered Waste Carrier

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Top Tip: Ensure whoever is removing your waste is lisenced and insured You are liable for any waste removed from your premises

Instead Of Paying, You Get Paid

The scrap metal men often turn up once in a blue moon which just isn’t good enough and instead of turning to skip hire or paying someone else to remove commercial waste for you, Clear My Scrap has a scrap metal recycling service that you can rely on. We always offer the very best scrap metal prices and our quotes are guaranteed for up to 7 days - even if the metal market decreases - which means that you won’t be out of pocket. Find out how you can benefit from your commercial scrap metal by speaking to a member of the team today.

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Clear My Scrap Van

Mobile Scales

As part of our on-the-go mobile scrap yard service, we can weigh your non-ferrous materials on your doorstep thanks to the convenience of our mobile scales. We offer only the very best prices for brass, copper, lead, stainless steel and cables, and this highly efficient process means that you can receive an instant payment in return. For a fast and hassle-free service, our mobile-scales reduce waiting time and allow you to get on with your day immediately.

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