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Vehicles like cars and vans are incredibly valuable sources of scrap metal. In the majority of cases, scrapping your car is considered to be a last resort that is undertaken when repair work will cost more than the vehicle is worth, or the vehicle is no longer considered to be road-worthy.

Clear My Scrap will provide a free no-obligation quote for every scrap car collection and vehicle removal service we carry out across Altrincham and Cheshire, offering unbeatable value by paying the top scrap car prices at all times. In fact, our quotes are guaranteed for up to 7 days - even if the market decreases - and we always pay what we quote. In addition to this, we are also able to collect all unwanted and end-of-life vehicles completely free of charge.

On collection day, our team will need the V5 logbook and the keys to the vehicle, as well as proof of I.D in order to complete the vehicle sale. For a trouble-free service, the driver will complete all the DVLA paperwork upon collection and a full waste-transfer note will be issued and paid on the same day. However, new legislation means that it is no longer possible to pay cash for scrap metal cars and vehicles. Instead, we give our clients the option to choose between an instant bank transfer or a cheque.

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We calculate our quotes by taking a variety of different factors into consideration in order to provide a fair price to each and every client. Each vehicle is valued by its weight which generally means that heavier and larger vehicles, such as SUVs and vans, tend to be worth a lot more on the scrap metal market. This factor isn’t guaranteed but has the potential to influence your quote favourably.

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Top Tip: Ensure whoever is removing your waste is lisenced and insured You are liable for any waste removed from your premises


The market for scrap metal is constantly changing and the value of different metals can increase or decrease on a daily basis. Vehicles contain valuable metals like steel, aluminium and copper which are all suitable contenders for recycling, and this is what tends to happen as part of our scrap car collection and vehicle removal service. After all, recycling is an eco-friendly and sustainable way to source metals that can be broken down into their raw components and used again. In addition to this, catalytic converters, an important part of a vehicle's exhaust system, often contain precious metals like rhodium and platinum which make them a hot ticket for scrap metal collection and recycling too.

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Scrap metal can take up a lot of space and may even be considered a safety hazard. Clear My Scrap is at the forefront of the scrap metal industry thanks to the convenience of mobile scales which allows us to weigh your non-ferrous metals and materials on-the-go and provide an instant payment in return. This fully-mobile scrap yard service is highly efficient and reduces your waiting time considerably, Just arrange a time to suit you and we will collect your metals from you paying scrap yard prices at your door.

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