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Non-ferrous materials are often thought to be the smallest variety of scrap metal on the market, which is why it requires a unique approach when it comes to collection. Clear My Scrap operates a fully-mobile scrap yard service for non-ferrous scrap metal in Altrincham. We always provide only the very best non-ferrous scrap metal prices for copper, brass, lead, aluminum, stainless steel and cables. To make things even easier, we’ll also issue all of the relevant environmental agency paperwork upon collection too.

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There is no reason why non-ferrous scrap metal recycling needs to be complicated and our mobile scales allow us to carry out our services effortlessly from the start. Every quote is determined by the weight of the materials, which we are able to obtain on-the-go and at your site. Plus, we always offer the same prices as scrap yards, so you’ll never be undercut. Clear My Scrap collects your non-ferrous materials there and then, which means no more long queues or wasted time spent loading/unloading your van.

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Top Tip: Ensure whoever is removing your waste is lisenced and insured You are liable for any waste removed from your premises

Trade In Your Scrap

A lot of industries create non-ferrous scrap metal, but simply do not have the time to dispose of it at a scrap yard themselves. Our fully flexible collection service can be tailored to the needs of your business, and is an ideal waste disposal solution for tradesmen like plumbers, gas engineers and electricians, as well as refurbishment companies. Whether it be once a week, once a fortnight or once a month, our non-ferrous scrap metal collection service is here for you. 

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Non-ferrous materials tend to be a lot smaller than the other metals that we collect and recycle here at Clear My Scrap. Our mobile scales allow us to offer an on-the-go mobile scrap yard service and weigh all of your non-ferrous metals on your doorstep in return for an instant payment. The process is both hassle-free and highly efficient so you’ll never find yourself waiting your turn at the scrap yard again. 

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