Copper recycling: Why is it a valuable metal?

Many people do not realise the value of copper as a commodity. In fact, it can be used for an extraordinary number of things, including wiring, appliances, cooking utensils, cars and so on. 

Since there is so much metal required for our everyday needs, copper recycling is vital to not only limit environmental pollution, but also mine depletion and boosting local economies. 


The history of copper 

Copper has been used again and again for over 10,000 years and is one of the most prized metals in the world. Early civilizations including the Mesopotamians and Egyptians first used it for decorative purposes in jewellery and ornaments. 

By 3000 BCE, the development of smelting copper to make bronze metal for casting into various tools and weaponry had become well-practiced. Copper would continue to be used during the Roman period for coins, armor, and of course plumbing - thanks to the island of Cypress, the latin word “cyprium” translates to what we call “copper” today.


Why do we recycle copper? 

One of the biggest characteristics of copper is its lifespan. Copper can be recycled endlessly without losing any of its properties or becoming less useful. 

For this reason, it requires less energy than mining it from the earth, resulting in the conservation of natural ore resources and lowers manufacturing costs. Supply will be able to keep up with demand as long as we continue to reuse copper now and into the future. 

Another benefit to copper recycling is reducing the need for landfill sites. Rather than adding to a pile of trash, it is a much safer and more convenient way for households and commercial businesses to dispose of their copper via recycling. 

Furthermore, people who recycle copper are rewarded for their efforts because it has value as an industrial commodity! A number of copper scrap items (including alloy copper) have high market values, and by selling it to a reliable scrap metal recycling and collection company like Clear My Scrap, you’re guaranteed to get the very best prices. 


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